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The Reef Kite + Surf has been located at Sandy Beach in Vieux Fort, in the south of St Lucia, since 1994. Sandy Beach is a reef-enclosed bay and the kite zone is downwind from The Reef, which gives you about 1×1 mile. Conditions are steady cross-shore winds from the left, with chop & hop conditions.

Full Detail on Kite Surfing

26469_406739123053_6633673_nIt is one of the best kitesurfing location in the Eastern Caribbean but still a new discovery for a lot of people, so there’s much more space on the water here than you’ll find in places like Cabarete. If there are 12 or 14 kites and windsurfers out at once, we think it’s really packed!

We are just downwind of the international airport, and so kiting upwind of The Reef is forbidden. Please help us keep kiting legal in St Lucia.

It’s a really safe spot, as the beach curves gently into the wind on the far downwind end of the bay, so if anything happens (and the safety boat doesn’t get there first), you always end up back on the beach. We are well away from the coral reefs, there is nothing sharp underfoot, no rocky areas, and the water is always warm at about 27 degrees Celsius (80 Fahrenheit). Most commonly used size kites here is 8m to 14m. Most commonly used size windsurfing sails between 5.0 and 6.8m.

At The Reef Kite + Surf, we offer a special package for independent kiters called KiteEazy.
With KiteEazy, you get:
* Free safety & rescue service
* Free launching & landing service
* Storage (1 board, 2 kites)
* Free The Reef t-shirt (1 week’s package, once per person)
* Free use of hose, shower and changing room
* Free use of the kayaks
* Free use of the beach loungers
* Free wi-fi

KiteEazy is US$80/week – and of this, we donate US$8/week (One-Dollar-A-Day) to the Vieux Fort Childrens’ Home Society (a local initiative which provides solace to St Lucian kids who are faced with abusive situations at home). The second week, KiteEazy is US$70 and it goes down to US$60/week after that.

At The Reef, we also teach kite courses at all levels, beginner windsurfing lessons, windsurf rentals, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding and a few sit-on top kayaks for those rare low-wind or windless days. During the high season, the watersports centre is open every day from 9 am till 5 pm. During the low season, call or email ahead to make sure we can accommodate you.

We also run a Bed & Breakfast (single rooms US$55, double US$66/night, including all tax and full breakfast), as well as a Beach Cafe & Restaurant at The Reef (open 7 days per week, 8am – 10pm, Mondays until 6pm), with a nicely varied menu of Creole and international (sea)food, a range of fast foods (including home made pizza), fresh milkshakes, cappuccinos, cold beers and cool cocktails, at prices as low as we can keep them, making The Reef affordable to both locals and visitors and making it a really nice spot for non-surfing friends & family as well.

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See videos of St. Lucia Kite Surfing here!



“Banana Milk shake at the Reef St Lucia – it doesn’t sound complicated but there is just something about having you walk into a place and they laugh and say to your son “The Usual?” then sitting out under the palm trees with your shake, doing some body surfing and drying off without a towel… That shake could never be the same back home.” Mary, USA.

“I have asked for the time off at work… let’s hope I get it and then I can book. I need sun, I need beach, and I need wind… in short, I need the Reef! 😀 ” Mario, UK.

“We have traveled to many windsurfing and kite surfing locations over the years and the facilities at The Reef are second to none.  The entire staff was great, and the service was superb. If I needed a kite launched or landed, the guys were there. If Lori needed help getting the windsurf equipment in or out through the shore break, one of the guys was always there to help her. The food in the restaurant was good, and it was wonderful being able to run a tab the whole time we were there.” Dan & Lori, Michigan

“So far my favorite is St Lucia. No hassles, no crowds, no vehicle required. … The busiest day there were 10 kiters out and two windsurfers! 20knt winds 85* weather day and night almost. The Reef is the place. Breakfast delivered to your table with a smile!” Jacobus, Canada.