Company Name: Orlando’s Restaurant
Orlando Logo for RestaurantCompany Description: Located at the northern end of Soufrière, Orlando’s is in a beautiful courtyard garden setting where they serve ‘ Ti Manje‘,which means small  plate  of  food  in  the  local  Kwéyòl  language.  Chef  Orlando’s mission  is  simple:  to  make  Caribbean  cuisine  as  influential  and flavorful  as  other  internationally  known  cuisines  by  using  only  the freshest  local  fish,  meat  and  produce  to  create  his  masterpieces. There is also a small, but very carefully chosen wine list that pairs well with the cuisine and enhances the dining experience. The Orlando’s culinary experience is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed.

Manager: Mr. Orlando Satchell

Telephone Number: 1 758 572-6613/1 758 722-6265

Location: Soufriere Post Office

Email Address: