Caribbean Juices
Company Name: Caribbean Juices

Company Description: Coming Soon

Manager: Ms. Monica Valmont

Telephone Number: 1 758 720-6566

Location: P.O Box RB2366 Rodney Bay Gros Islet

Email Address:

Coco Love SLU
Company Name: Coco Love SLU
Company Description: CocoLove is a start up catering firm focusing on desserts, chocolates and cocktail items. It seeks to produce the highest quality of desserts and cocktail

Manager: Mrs. Sherrian Saltibus-Edgar

Telephone Number: 1 758 285-1259

Location: VF 849 Gablewoods Mall South

Email Address:

Vel's Multiservices Ltd
Company Name: Vel’s MultiServices Ltd
Company Description: Vel’s MultiServices Ltd is located in Richfond, Mabouya Valley, Dennery. Vel’s Multi Services comprises of local wines which includes the very popular Latanye Wine, Moringa Wine, Mauby Wine,Wax Apple and some other tasteful local Wines. Vel’s Multi Services Ltd also comprises of packaging of mauby bark and the making of local brooms. Mr. Velinor explored the potential for a new market Local Wines in 2010 and was able to manifest from then. Since then Vel’s Multi Services Ltd  has received an award from SLISBA (St. Lucia Industrial and Small Business Association) for Outstanding Enterprise in the Creative Industries March 2013 and was also approved and certified by SLBS (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards) October 2014 for Food hygiene and prepackaged food. Currently these products are now available at leading supermarkets, restaurants and bars. Vel’s Mutli Services Ltd is striving to be the #1 exporter of local wines not only in the St. Lucia but the Caribbean.

Manager: Mr. Patrick Velinor

Telephone Number: 1 758 453-3302

Location: Richfond, Mabouya Valley

Email Address:

Il Pirata Pastaio
Company Name: Il Pirata Pastaio
Company Description: Il Pirata Pastaio was established in 1996 as an Italian products specialist.  Actually it produces the largest kinds of  fresh, dry and stuffed pasta. A Saint Lucian company proud to be part of the local industry. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO LINK

Manager: Ms. Emanuela Gherardo

Telephone Number: 1 758 454-6610

Fax Number: 1758 454-5100

Location: Industrial Estate, Vieux Fort

Email Address:

Admac Ltd
Company Name: Admac Ltd

admacCompany Description: Building customer relationships requires experience, effort and integrity. For Admac, it began with a promise to deliver quality products to its clients with uncompromising customer service. Since our inception in 1993 by managing director Ruth McFarlane, we have grown from a home based business to owning our own (10,000 foot complex with 2000 ft of refrigerated space)

Manager: Mrs. Ruth Mc. Farlane

Telephone Number: 1 758 451-6890

Fax Number: 1758 451-8995

Location: P. O. Box  Choc 146, Castries

Email Address:


Barbay Ltd. / St Lucia Distillers
Company Name: Barbay Ltd./St. Lucia Distillers

Company Description: Committed to innovation and quality, St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies is a small rum distillery situated in the scenically beautiful and agriculturally rich valley of Roseau on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. A passionate team of distillers, blenders, engineers, technicians and administrative staff work together to produce some of the world’s best rums and rum products. St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies products have been recognised at the world’s most exacting competitions, winning numerous accolades and awards.

Manager: Mr. Michael Speakman

Location: P. O. Box 823, Castries, St. Lucia

Contact: 1 – 758 – 456 – 3100



Baron Foods Ltd
Company Name: Baron Foods Limited
Company Description: Since its foundation in November of 1991, Baron Foods has been pursuing its vision of becoming a global leader, who can make customers satisfied with innovative products. Its aim is to a be a global leader in the agro processing industry and to offer Caribbean-style food products of the highest quality whilst at all times, to focus on understanding customers’ needs and demands.

Manager: Mr. Ronald Ramjattan

Telephone Number: 1 758 454-9230

Fax Number: 1 758 454-9231

Location: P.O. Box 393, Vieux Fort

Email Address:


Crown Foods Limited
Company Name: Crown Foods Limited

Company Description: Crown Foods Ltd, St. Lucia’s Frozen Food Specialists are the premiere wholesale suppliers of quality frozen meat and seafood on the island supplying St Lucia’s top Hotels, Restaurants, Luxury Yachts and Villas with the finest quality frozen foods and gourmet provisions.

Manager: Mr. Kevin White

Telephone Number: 1 758 452-0530 / 1 758 285-4197

Fax Number: 1 758 452-0531

Location: P. O. Box 2190, Gros Islet

Email Address: kevincrownfoods@candwl.c


Goddard Catering Group Saint Lucia Limited
Company Name: Goddard Catering Group Saint Lucia Limited

Company Decription: Goddard Catering Group (St. Lucia) Limited has been in business for over 20 years and has a well trained and qualified work force of 121 servicing several international airlines including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Delta Air Lines, US Airways, Net Jets and other Corporate Jets.

Manager: Mr. Anthony Samuel

Telephone Number: 1 758 459-6400

Fax Number: 1 758 454-6206

Location: P. O. Box 363, Vieux Fort

Email Address:


Paramount (Hospitality Equipment) Free Zone
Company Name: Paramount (Hospitality Equipment) Free Zone

Manager: Mr. Malcolm Charles

Telephone Number: 1 758 451-6621 / 1 758 453-1790

Fax Number: 1 758 456-0615

Location: P. O. Box 618, Castries

Email Address:

Peter & Company Distribution Ltd
Company Name: Peter & Company Distribution Ltd
Company Description: The Food and Beverage division sells a variety of dry, frozen, household goods, and liquor. Peter & Company Ltd. represents a number of regional and international brands. These include: Kellogs, Mars, Philip Morris, Anchor and Diageo. This division services both retail and institutional customers and provides island wide deliveries made from its storage facilities at Cul de Sac.

Manager: Mr. Ricardo Leonard

Telephone Number: 1 758 452-2771

Fax Number: 1 758 457-7059

Location: P. O. Box 84/85, Manoel Street, Castries

Email Address: /


Renwick & Company Ltd
Company Name: Renwick & Company Ltd

renwickCompany Description: Renwick & Company Limited is one of the major distribution companies in St. Lucia and employ over 140 team members. The team is lead by an Executive Board which is headed by the Managing Director, Chris Renwick who also manages the cement division. The other members of the Executive Board include Cheryl Renwick – Deputy Managing Director and Director of Sales & Marketing; Kelvin Jean – Finance Director; and Julie Bonnett – Human Resource Director.

Manager: Mr. Cheryl Renwick

Telephone Number: 1 758 452-2257 / 1 758 455-8000

Fax Number: 1 758 452-7602

Location: P.O. Box 90, Vide Boutielle, Castries

Email Address:


SMJ Beverages
Company Name: SMJ Beverages

logoCompany Description: In 1924, S.M. Jaleel and Co. Ltd. from South Trinidad began making soft drinks. Four decades later, S.M. Jaleel and Co. successfully competes in the Caribbean market with soft drink giants such as Coca Cola and Pepsi and holds the spot of number one distributor of soft drinks and fruit drinks in the Caribbean.  Today the values and standards we worked with as a family owned Company, are the same values and standards that serve as a multi-national entity. The seven brands that make up the SM Jaleel family are marketed in over 50 countries worldwide, making our seven brands of non-alcoholic, beverages household names throughout the Caribbean.

Manager: Mr Ernest Augier

Location: St. Judes Highway, View Fort Industrial Estate, View Fort, St. Lucia

Contact: 1 – 758 – 454 – 7777



Viking Traders Limited
Company Name: Viking Traders Ltd
Company Description: Viking Traders Ltd was founded by Mr.& Mrs. Ed Zephirin since Jan 1979. The name Viking signifies strength, invention and innovation (Vikings pioneered ship building in the Mediterranean which was eventually used by the Europeans to discover the “New World”) which is the hallmark of the top quality products being manufactured today.

Manager: Mr. Nicholas Zephirin

Telephone Number: 1 758 450-1520

Fax Number: 1 758 450-1188

Location: P. O. Box 691, Castries

Email Address:


RJB Hotel Supplies Limited
Company Name: RJB Hotel Supplies
RJB-Hotel-Supplies-e1429222903316Company Description: RJB Hotel Supplies was formed in October 2003, specializing in the provision of personal guest care amenities. Since then our product range has grown exponentially and now includes a full compliment of hotel and restaurant supplies.

Manager: Mr. Rick Barnard

Telephone Number: 758.450.1110 

Mobile: 758. 718.7933

Fax Number: 1 758.451.8368

Location: Corinth Estate Road

Mailing Address P. O. Box MF7085 Castries, St. Lucia

Email Address:


Duboulay's Bottling Company Limited
Company Name: Duboulay’s Bottling Company Limited
Company Description: Du Boulay’s Bottling Company Limited, opened its doors on March 1st 1972 and has been in operation now for over 40 years. The company, which is an offspring of Du Boulay’s Ice factory, came about as a result of an incentive…Read More

Manager: Mr. Troy De Freitas

Telephone Number: 758.452 2280

Fax Number: 1 758.452 3125

Location: Castries

Mailing Address P.O. Box 618, Castries

Email Address: